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A profitable NoCode crafting site that sells gifts and can be ran without any dev skills. Sale includes 9
Transfer of website, assets and current landing page. Videos of order process and product creation
Order form setup. Support during transfer. Product Images for marketing use. Product inventory - will be shipped to your mailing address.

Built With: Typeform, Stripe, Zapier, Looka, Gmail, Photoshop

Price $4500

A healthy meals calculator. Helps you to work out how many days and meals it will take you to get to your goal. This sale includes the domain, app, web hosting and email address. Also contains further documents in expanding the project.

Built With: Boundless, Canva

Price $100

This sale is just for the domain only. No website, hosting or app is included.

Built With: N/A Domain Name Only

Price $40

This is a boundless app that is just finishing up development. It automatically gives you a random 100 exercise workout each time you visit. Ideal for a quick burst of energy. Could be expanded into a mobile app!

Built With: Boundless, Canva,

Price $400

This is the domain for NoCode. Domain name only for sale. This must be used by a non-commercial organisation, charity or community. Perfect for the UK NoCode community!

Built With: N/A Domain Only

Price $100


It all started with...

an idea! NoCodeo is a marketplace for projects to be bought and sold within the NoCode community.

It was built as a weekend project and documented live as it was being built!

Projects listed for sale here are built with visual tools, templates, existing apps and other 'Internet Lego'. They can be ran by anyone and no development skills are needed.

NoCodeo is itself, a NoCode project built from templates and apps and the support of a great community!

The idea behind it was to be completely transparent in the thought processes behind a small weekend project.

All projects have to start off small and that's ok!

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